DIY Eyeglasses Case With Paper Tube

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10 Minutes
Tired of your boring eyeglass case? Here’s how to make your own diy glasses case out of a paper towel tube. Easy to personalize to fit your own personality.

I think my diy glasses case  is so much prettier than those cases at the drugstore. The tube adds enough stiffness so the case will stay upright in your purse which is pretty big issue for me as I’m able to find my case easier in all that mess.

You need:
  • Paper towel tube or wrapping paper tube (mine was a bit too sturdy so I would recommend a softer one)
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue sticks and hot glue gun
  • scissors 
sharp cutter (optional but it would make cutting the tub easier)

Cut your tube to the desired length to fit your glasses.

Cut open your tube down the long side 
Measure the width against your glasses as your tube might be a bit too wide for your glasses, as it happened in my case. Cut the excess off. 
Measure the fabric against the tube.
Hot glue your fabric to the inside of the tube’s edges and tuck in all edges gluing them to the inside. Start with the sides then  with the top and bottom.
Use a small line of hot glue to the inside edges and press until dry. Start with the bottom then the side.
Cut the ribbon long enough to go all the way around your case, down the sides and bottom plus 1/2″ extra on both ends to go into the inside of the case. Then hot glue the ribbon, working in small areas.
And this is how to make a glasses case in just minutes! 
Suggested materials:
  • Paper tube
  • Fabric
  • Hot glue
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Petro Neagu
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