Alice In Wonderland Sign

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Yes! It's an Alice in Wonderland sign!

I'm a "throwing a themed party" kinda guy and Alice is one of the best themes ever. This is how I made a cute arrow sign for an Alice inspired tea party.

I don't want to brag, but that is the actual Alice from Wonderland.

This is really easy to make and can be done without power tools.

For the wood, any post will do. Just keep in mind, the thicker it is, the more tedious it'll be to cut with a handsaw.

I used a 200cm (6.6 ft) tall square post 45X45 (2X2in) thick.

I cut a spike on the end (pictured later) and just shoved it in the ground using my humungous Zeus looking muscles. If you don't have gigantic superhero muscles like me, just use a mallet or something.

The arrows are 1X4 furring strips. Any size or type will work.

The supplies!

-Post wood

-Arrow wood


-Sandpaper or wood rasp

-Paint and brush

-Stain and brush


-Oil or paint marker



-The actual Alice from Wonderland

Making the arrows!

As you can see, this is plywood. It's easier to just buy 1X4 furring strips or pallet wood. This was a practice arrow and I didn't use it.

The spike! Can you see it?

I painted the arrows with diluted paint to give it an Alice that a look? I used a pencil first to write the words, went over them with an oil marker and used an eraser to clean up the pencil marks.

Oh....No! I forgot to put the eraser pictured in my supplies picture. Hold on a second...

Morgan Freeman's voice: "Bryan is throwing a tantrum right now, because he indeed forgot to check his visuals for this post. He is now crying in the fetal position and there are snot bubbles."

..OK, I'm back! I was doing pushups.

If you were wondering, I did two thousand pushups.

It's best to use two screws on each arrow, so they don't move. I put one in the top left and one in the bottom right corner.

Let's drink some tea!

Party pics! This was years ago when my daughter wasn't in high school and not dating boys and not making me meet boyfriends and not always asking for money.

Suggested materials:
  • Wood
  • Paint
  • Stain
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