Potty Pops

7 Materials
40 Minutes
Why not have a little incentive for the little ones while potty training. Sometimes it is hard to get your little ones potty trained. I came up with a little tool that helps the kids with using the potty. Make one of my potty pops. See below how easy this is.
Gather all your materials, you can use any kind of suckers.
Tape Measure
Paint & Brush
Sand Paper
Wood 2x4 11"

Get a 2x4 wood board and cut it to size. I cut mine 11" so that it holds 6 suckers. (could do any number)  Then find a drill bit that is the same size the sucker sticks your using, this way the sucker will fit firmly into the board. I used Dum Dums which took a .03 bit.
Paint it in a fun color. You could even let your kids paint it. This will give the kids the ability to add their personal touch.
Place your suckers in the board and sand to give it a distressed look and it is ready. 
Here I used different colors and they are ready for vinyl
I added vinyl Potty Pops in white. I used arioso com regular for my font.  I then mod  podge after I applied the vinyl words Potty Pops.  Covering the whole front to seal it.  
Done. I placed on shelf in the bathroom for a little motivation.  Make one today! You can also purchase one at  Gilbert Marketplace if you don't have time.
Suggested materials:
  • 2x4" 11"   (scrap from Lowes)
  • Vinyl   (https://www.amazon.com/Oracal-Matte-Permanent-Vinyl-Inch/dp/B01N7YH58Y/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1519600797&sr=8-3&keywords=white+vinyl)
  • Paint & Brush   (Fusion)
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