Pet Stairs

1 Material
2 Hours
Create memories of pets you have or have had in your stairs so you can see them every day!
Measure the space you will use. Create a sticker online where you can add pictures and designs. Make the middle section and just add the pictures. Change he names and pictures for each set of stairs. I ordered the same size (larger than what I needed) then cut each sticker size for each stair.
It took me a while to design them (and I can still see what I would want to change again). After I got the main design the cut and pasting was easy. It was about $8 per stair to order. Each stair took about 5 minutes to crop and stick on. It was so easy! I love my stairs so much! You could do any design or pictures. Grandkids, other animals, relatives or whatever you would love to see every time you use your stairs!
Suggested materials:
  • Stickers I ordered online. Scissors, measuring tape and Sharp to cut the stickers with   (
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