Change Out Colored Water in Jars for Each Season

2 Materials
30 Minutes
Since my kitchen is blue and yellows, I have jars of blue water in my window sill. It occurred to me back in October that I can have them be any color I want!!

So I took out the blue, washed the glass nuggets in the bottom, and used them for another project.
My jars with blue water.
Cleaned and ready for new colors.
Three drops of red and four of yellow. You can do more or less.
Fall colors in all their glory! Now I can do green for Christmas, Red for Valentines Day, Yellow and Pink for Easter and so on! Now go have some fun!!

NOTE:I have in the past poured vegetable oil in the top of wine glasses. The water stays the way you make it for a very long time.
However, if and when you want to change them or move, you might as well pour out the liquid and stick the glasses in zipper bags and toss in the trash.
Rancid oil smells and has the consistency of ear wax. Even Dawn can't cut it. Just sayin!!
Suggested materials:
  • Jars   (Had at home)
  • Water and food coloring   (Dollar Tree)
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