DIY Ring Buoy Door Decor

by MondbergTV
5 Materials
30 Minutes
This cute summer door décor is a very quick and easy idea that even school kids can make. The ring buoy could be also used as a decoration in a maritime theme room.
We are planning on redecorating one of our rooms into an ocean room with a lot of maritime décors. Even though we didn’t even start at least re-painting the room yet, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to create a few décor pieces now. So I started with this ring buoy, which serves us for the time being as a cute door décor. 
For my ring buoy, I used a simple styrofoam ring. I found it in a local DIY & Crafts supplies store. You can choose any size you like. Just keep in mind that the bigger the ring, the thicker the cord should be.
First, I marked the four places where I wanted to paint the life ring blue. I marked the middle with a pencil.
Then I measured three centimeters on each side, just to know how wide the blue sections were supposed to be.
Next, I put on a tape around the area I wanted to paint, so that I would get clean edges and also for protection from stains. Make sure the tape is sticking properly so that you'll get really clean lines. The better the tape sticks, the less work you'll have later with corrections.
Then I started painting the four sections with a blue acrylic paint. You could also use red paint or any color that looks good to you. I have seen these ring buoys also in red and much darker shade of blue than I used and they all looked great.
I let the paint dry. Then I removed the tape and corrected any places where the edge didn’t turn out being as clean as I wanted it to be.
As a next step, I have written the words “welcome on board” on the ring with a pencil. I was careful not to pus too hard on the pencil since the styrofoam was quite fragile.
Then I used a black permanent marker for the words.
Next, I started gluing a cord around the ring with hot glue. I made it lose, just like you see it on ring buoys. 
Then I wrapped the cord on each of the blue sections and glued it in place with the glue gun.
And once I finished all four sections, my ring buoy was done.
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Suggested materials:
  • Styrofoam ring   (Local DIY & Crafts supplies)
  • Acrylic paint   (Local DIY & Crafts supplies)
  • Cord   (Local DIY & Crafts supplies)
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  • Paula P Paula P on Aug 02, 2017

    This is such a cute project. I can see these in a grouping of 3-5 with little mirrors attached to the middle.

    • MondbergTV MondbergTV on Aug 03, 2017
      Hi Paula, I am glad you liked it. That is a great idea with the mirrors!