How to Convert Your House Into a Cozy Cottage for the Winter

When it comes to staying cozy with a winter wonderland outdoors, it's important to decorate for the holidays and celebrate the season. To enhance your time spent in the home and add extra warmth, there are a few ways to dress up the space and make it feel like a cozy cottage. via Pinterest
Icicles and Twinkle Lights

You can easily bring the outdoor weather indoors by adding a little “snow” décor around the house. Hang glass icicles or sparkly snowflakes to chandeliers for a beautiful touch that will make any room feel magical. The icicles will reflect the light and create a soft touch in an entryway, kitchen, or bedroom. You can also enlist the help of small twinkle lights to make your cozy winter nights more magical. Whether you drape them across the mantle or string them along the banister, they will bring the enchanting feeling of snow inside the house. via Pinterest
Fill the Fireplace with Candles

To enhance the style of the fireplace and allow it to feel cozy, add a bunch of candles of different heights and sizes. The look will make for a dramatic focal point in the room and will look beautiful when the candles are lit at night. Plus, using cinnamon or vanilla candles will fill the room with a seasonal smell that will top off the gorgeous look. via Pinterest
Make Use of Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks offer an incredible smell that captures the cozy setting of the season, and they also double as rustic decor. Wrap a few candles in cinnamon sticks for a rustic touch that feels cozy. Or, try using them with pinecones in glass jars for decorative pieces that can be used on a mantle or as a centerpiece. vi Pinterest
Hang Flocked Garland on the Mantle

Create a stunning display on the mantle with flocked garland that creates a warm and peaceful touch in the room. Wrap the garland around bark candles, pine cones, and framed seasonal photos for a beautiful display that will work as the focal point in the room. via Pinterest
That’s a Wrap

You can instantly transform any living space by adding some comfy pillows and blankets to the furniture. If your typical throw pillows are bright, summer colors, consider switching them out for soft, neutral colors. Find a few blankets that will be both functional and fashionable when draped over your chairs or couches. Anything with a soft texture, faux fur, or even a few glittery items will perfectly reflect the season and make anyone want to curl up with a warm beverage and good book. via Pinterest
To enhance the style and decor of your space during the winter season, it's important to use elements, textures and pieces that will make it easy to feel at home. With the right products and a little creativity, you can create a winter wonderland indoors that you'll never want to leave. The information for this article was provided by the professionals of the American Country Home Store who provide endless options for cozy winter décor.
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