Repurposed Glass Holiday Totem

I love the glass garden totems that have been so popular on pinterest. I wanted to make one with a little bit of a holiday slant to it. I bought a large white dinner plate, large vase, round flower bowl, and round candle holder from the thrift store. I also bought 4 pkgs of iridescent shreds, two strings of clear mini lights, a black soup mug and black duct tape from the dollar store. I had a package of red and silver shreds and some pipe cleaners on hand.
put three bags of the iridescent shreds and one string on mini lights in the large vase and glued it upside down on the bottom of the dinner plate.
This is what I used to put him together with. Always follow manufacturers directions for use.
I then did the same with the last pack of shreds and the other string of lights to the flower bowl and glued it to the top. I secured the whole thing with tape in order to give it time to dry and adhere well. I also put the red and silver shreds in the candle holder and attached it to the bottom of the soup mug.

After 24 hours I adhered the mug on top of the flower bowl. I again secured with tape and allowed a 24 hour period to ensure a good attachment. I then attached the mug to the top of the flower bowl (actually the bottom, because the flower bowl is now upside-down.) Again allow sufficient time for the pieces to adhere.
I was in a hurry to finish this, and just cut eyes, mouth pieces and buttons out of the black duct tape, however I think later I will actually attach buttons with the same glue I used to put this guy together.

Then I added a pipe cleaner nose and a tinsel garland scarf. I will take another picture after dark to show you him lit up. I think I will be going back to the thrift store to find some pieces to make him a snow family! What do you think?
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