Deco Mesh Daisy Petal Flower Wreath Tutorial

3 Materials
8 Hours

Supplies used for this wreath:

1 10 inch box wire wreath frame

Rotary cutter

Cutting mat

Pipe cleaners

Plastic canvas - can use pipe cleaners or zip ties to attach

Felt and zip ties to cover the back (optional but recommended)

I use 10 inch mesh for the outer leaves to reduce fraying so 1 roll of lavender in 10 inch.

1 21 inch roll purple

1 21 inch roll white

1 21 inch lavender for inner petals (or another 10 inch if you don't think you'd use the leftover, that's up to you)

1 21 inch roll of yellow

I cut the 21 inch mesh 10 inches long, then flip it sideways and cut it in half at the 10.5 inch mark. The half of a inch won't make a difference when folding the petals. Getting the 21 inch rolls will save a few dollars on the project.

Outer ring: not used

2nd ring in: 30 petals (purple/white) plus 30 leaves attached

3rd ring in: 25 petals (purple/white)

Center ring: 14 petals (lavender/white)

Center of frame: 13 petals on plastic grid (yellow/yellow)

The finished wreath will be approximately 26 inches in diameter.

This wreath is more time consuming and tedious than hard. Even I will usually try to break up making it into more than one sitting because it can get tiring. The end result is something very beautiful and different, but it is a lot of work! They take me about 8 hours to make.

The video in this post shows step by step how to make this wreath.

A version with blues and white
A turquoise/coral/silver/lavender version
Suggested materials:
  • Deco Mesh
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wire wreath frame
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