How to Make a Fall Wreath - Quick and Easy DIY Wreath

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Learn how to make this simple fall wreath!
Easy DIY Fall Wreath
To make this super easy diy fall wreath you will need to have the following supplies: 14 inch grapevine wreath base, 2 bushes of fall colored peony flowers (you could also use hydrangeas if you prefer), hot glue gun, glue sticks, wire cutters.
You will want to begin by placing your grapevine wreath on a flat surface (I used my kitchen island) and find the center of the top of the wreath. Cut your flower stem with wire cutters, leaving about a 3 inch stem.
Place your flower in the center of the top of the wreath base.
Next you will cut a flower of a different color and place directly beside your first flower.
You will repeat this process, alternating your colored flowers all the way around the wreath.
After you have gone all the way around your wreath with your flowers, alternating colors, you will flip your wreath over and place your glue gun where each stem is coming out of the base of the wreath, and apply a generous amount of glue to secure your stem.
Apply glue to each stem, you then use your wire cutters to cut any excess stems that are sticking out of the back of the wreath. You want to be sure to cut the stems off as close to the wreath base as possible to be sure the stems don't scratch or damage your door.
Cut any excess stems.
When you have finished cutting all of your excess flower stems, flip your wreath back over and fluff and adjust each of your flowers to make sure they are placed evenly around the wreath.  
Next, to add some fullness and dimension to your wreath, cut off the leaves that are leftover on the bush of flowers and glue along the outside (and you can also add a few on the inside if you would like) of the wreath base. Simply add a small drop of glue to the stem of the leaf and push into the grapevine base. You can add as few, or as many of the leaves as you would like. When you have finished this step, your wreath will be complete. Just hang it and enjoy all season long!
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Suggested materials:

  • 2 Bushes of Peony Flowers
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
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  • Jenny Jenny on Nov 08, 2017
    Amanda, your tutorial follows the exact steps and descriptions of one that was posted last fall by Tonya at TwoInspireYou! Do the two of you work together?


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  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Nov 01, 2017
    No, but hear me out...your wreath is beautiful. A few years ago I started visiting thrift stores. I saw so many handmade Doilies, wreaths, afghans, etc, tossed in boxes for sale. Someone made those lovely things! It broke my heart to see them like that. I'm a crocheter. I know the work that goes into them. And the pretty faux flower wreaths. I've done my share of making them. So...someday I will post a pic of my wall. It's a gallery of wreaths, hats, etc, of art from thrift stores in honor and respect to the ones who made them but may not be alive now.
    • Yuvonne Barrucci Yuvonne Barrucci on Sep 19, 2018

      That's such an awesome idea. I think (if you don't mind) I'll do the same thing in honor of others.