How to Add Nature's Touch: Making a Charming Zinnia Pinecone Wreath

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This project is for all my Hometalkers' who live somewhere with an abundance of pinecones! For me, I had to buy them off Amazon since the city isn't really a huge source of natural pinecones.

If you're a fan of wreath making and crafting with pinecones, you're in for a treat. Today, you are going to learn how to make a delightful pinecone wreath, with a twist - we'll turn those pinecones into charming zinnia flowers.

Tools and Materials You'll Need:

With that being said, let's embark on this wreath-making adventure

Bowl of pinecones

1. Gather Your Pinecones

The first thing you'll need is a big bowl of pinecones. I used all different sizes but you can use what you find!

Paint the tops of pinecones

2. Paint the Pinecones

I started by painting the bottoms (or tops, I'm not too sure) of the pinecones. I only painted them halfway down. Be sure to get in every nook and cranny though, you can really slop on the paint here.

Paint a yellow center on the pinecones

3. Add the Zinnia Center

Once the base is dry, paint a yellow center onto the pinecone; much like the center of a flower.

Husk the pinecones

4. Husk the Pinecones

Next comes the husking. Pull, cut, or saw off the unpainted half of your pinecone.

I didn't think to use scissors until I was half done so take it from me, start with the scissors!

Attach the painted pinecones to the wreath form

5. Assemble the Zinnia Pinecone Wreath

After you are done husking them, grab a wire wreath form and twist the pinecones into the slats.

Add greenery around the Zinnia pinecones

6. Fill in with Greenery

After all your pinecones are in place grab some greenery and fill in the empty spots.

I used some garland from Michales and simply pulled off the pieces and laced them through the form.

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Zinnia pinecone wreath

Painted Pinecone Wreath Tutorial

With a bit of creativity and crafty magic, we've transformed simple pinecones into a beautiful zinnia wreath.

I love looking at it hanging on the door and it adds the perfect touch of color to my apartment.

Let me know what you think!

Suggested materials:
  • Pinecones   (Amazon)
  • Craft Paint   (Michaels)
  • Wire Form   (Michales)
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