Wreath Stand

Shelly L Nemeth
by Shelly L Nemeth
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Hi everyone! With the holiday season upon us, I figured this would be a great project many of you can use! It's a pretty easy project- take a look!

With just a few steps you'll be able to make your own wreath stand to hold some of your holiday wreaths.

Let's get started! First grab the wood square and a wood doll or spindle.

Mark the center point on the square. You will drill a hole in this area it will be a pilot hole. The next step is to do the same on the doll's center point and drill.

Then take some glue and bond them together!

After that add your 3" screw.

Next add your finial to the top (make your pilot hole and screw it on).

You can see I used a couple different finials.

Then you can paint the whole thing the color of your choice, or even stain it!

Once its all painted and dry, use your orbital sander and go along the edges real quick to give it a bit of distressed look.

Then apply the metal hook with screws to the top of the stand.

And there you have it! These are so easy , inexpensive and can be used throughout the year! This is the best kind of DIY :)

Suggested materials:
  • 1 square 5x5" you could also pick up a unfished wood plaque at your local craft store also.
  • 1 wood doll 2x2" 24" long or spindle
  • One hook
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