Easy Centerpiece Building Project You Can Re-purpose for Every Season!

6 Materials
30 Minutes
This quick project uses a single 1"x5" board and some easy to use tools that will help you make a high impact centerpiece you can fill with your favorite decor.
Supplies for this centerpiece:

1"x5" Pine Board - cut to the following sizes
  • 3 boards at 24" long
  • 2 boards at 6" long

Paint & Stain in the colors of your choice - we used Roman Column White by Sherwin Williams and American Walnut Minxwax Water-Based Stain

Paint Brushes to apply paint & stain

Nail Gun & 1 1/4" nails

Optional: Chisel, hammer, chain for distressing. Watch our videos on various techniques for distressing your centerpiece to give it an aged rustic charm.

Begin by laying out your centerpiece boards. We made our centerpiece box 24" long but you can choose the length depending on your table size.
Attached the sides of your centerpiece to the bottom as shown.
A nail gun and some 1 1/4" nails make this project go together so quickly!
Once your sides are attached, add the smaller endcap wood pieces to each end to form a trough.
The fun part is finishing your centerpiece to suit your unique decor style! We added Minwax American Walnut stain to our box using a rag to apply. Brushes, sponges or rags all work to apply the stain for this project since it's a base-coat - nothing has to be perfect. Just wipe on & then wipe off any excess.
We then allowed our box to dry before applying the final paint color
Lastly we used a chip brush to brush on a thin layer of Roman Column White paint to our box. If you use a small amount of paint on your brush and apply horizontally around the box you can achieve this white wash look with some of the base stain showing through.
Fill your centerpiece box with a variety of seasonal greens, ornaments & picks for an abundant display for the holidays. You can watch our video to see exactly how we created this pictured piece!
Suggested materials:
  • 1x5x8 Pine Board   (Home Depot)
  • Ridgid Nail Gun   (Home Depot)
  • 1 1/4" Nails   (Home Depot)
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