Landscaping Your Christmas Village for Cheap!

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2 Hours
It's amazing what some cheap miniature trees will do for your Christmas village!

Christmas villages and figurines can get pretty expensive, but once you have them, landscaping your set is easy and cheap.

I have two matching vintage Christmas sets I found new at an antique store. You can find Christmas sets on Amazon or used ones on Ebay. The best times to buy them at places like Walmart or Target are after Christmas.

I made the bare trees myself. It's a really fun craft and you can check out how to do it here:

I bought all of the evergreen trees you see here at the dollar store! I love the dollar store!! You can also find them on Amazon. They're usually a dollar a piece and sell in sets like 12 for $12. The smaller ones are cheaper too.
These are garland cone trees I bought at The Daiso. You can also find them at The Dollar Tree for $1 each. The dollar tree even has a website.

If you can't find them, you can make them by just glueing cheap garland around a paper cone.
I have my Christmas village on a light board and I light my tree cones with a little LED light. These little lights don't give off any heat, so they're perfect for lighting my trees.
I found this fake cotton snow at The Daiso years ago. You can make it with cotton balls or buy a better looking artificial snow on Amazon.
My Christmas village at night! My little houses have holes in the back to stick Christmas lights in. I like this better than the battery operated LED houses that are being sold these days.
I have been collecting Christmas figurines at after Christmas sales for years. Most of them don't match in size, but I don't mind. Santa is twice as big as my train.
The skirt in front of the light board is a long piece of white felt. The gold ribbon and poinsettias were also bought at The Daiso.
I'd LOVE to see your Christmas villages in the comments. Please share away!

Suggested materials:

  • Christmas village set
  • Miniature Christmas trees   (Amazon)
  • Christmas cone trees   (dollar tree)
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  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Dec 31, 2017
    we seem to have some things in common. I have been collecting houses for about 3 years now. I pick them up at goodwill, thrift stores, yard sales and where ever I see them. I won’t pay more than 3 dollars for them. I bring them home, prime them and paint them all white. I then add iridescent sprinkles and glass sprinkles to the roof tops. Almost all of them have the lights with them but I have bought a few on amazon. I just started at the beginning of the year picking up trees. I want to thank you though as I never thought of using garland and a cone For trees. That will make things go a lot faster. Next year I plan to decorate inside and out to the max! I want 2-3 house villages and can’t wait to see how it all comes out. I have always loved gingerbread people as well and plan on making a huge gingerbread house for my front yard With large pieces of candy sitting everywhere, which I’ve been making over the years. I want huge icicles hanging from the house with huge ornaments and candy pieces hanging too. I just want a fantasyland! My kids are grown and I have seven almost grown grand babies. I think it’s my turn to get what I want!

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    • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Jan 04, 2018
      That would be cool too...I just have a thing for gingerbread! Would love to see yours as well. Of course I’m not getting any younger so I pray I can get what I want done for next year!

  • Mary Cumbersnatch Mary Cumbersnatch on Dec 12, 2019

    I *finally* got mine in a tree like I wanted!