When You Have Lemons Make Lemonade!

When you have lemons, make lemonade, or how to turn what could be an epic fail into something pretty. Lesson learned: Gorilla Glue DOES NOT dry clear! Also, it dries amazing hard and is going to hold FOREVER! So I started with two salad plates that hadn't been used in forever (and had to be washed first, they were so dusty) and two candlesticks from the Dollar Store. I almost used another glue, but, the Gorilla Glue was clear and I obviously had never used it before (or read the small print). When I came down this morning I found out that the stuff dries white, that I applied a lot of it, and I could cry over it or move forward. So add a $1 dollar sparkly tree from Walmart, and ornaments from the DT and here you have a decoration. I also learned that I should never glue things on this table, since it isn't perfectly level (trust me, it's slight, but, I can see it!)
These are the salad plates and candlesticks I started with.
To my horror the stuff looked like snow! It was clear when I applied it!
I'll play with the thing until I like it!
Actually, pretending I did it on purpose, it's kind of pretty.
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