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Our top picks for cool DIY projects that you'll love to create and show off to your family and friends!

Family Fire Pit

1. Family Fire Pit

This cool DIY project is one that the whole family can create together. Hometalker Howie Withrow shares this awesome DIY family fire pit, complete with step-by-step instructions and an easy to follow video tutorial. When the weather starts to get cooler, you’ll love to entertain family and friends at your new fire pit. Sand, bricks and some family elbow grease, and this fire pit will be a huge hit!

Beautiful Stenciled Tile Floor

2. Beautiful Stenciled Tile Floor

The secret it out, and the answer is...yes! You most certainly can stencil a tile floor and Royal Studio Design shares their secrets for how to get your old tile floors looking not only brand new, but super unique too! This cool DIY project takes some paint, patience, and your favorite tile stencils from Royal Design Studio. You’ll love to show off this DIY floor makeover again and again!

3. IKEA Bed Slats To Party Decor

3. IKEA Bed Slats To Party Decor

This simple yet elegant DIY project can transform your backyard for your next garden party. Hometalker Wendy shares a super cool DIY with us; she takes Ikea bed slats and turns them into whimsical garden party decor. You’ll need IKEA bed slats, and some simple florals, and you’ll have an awesome piece for your next garden party!

Piano Bookcase

4. Piano Bookcase

Talk about a cool DIY project! This original piano bookcase by Hometalker John Biermacher is a creative and innovative furniture transformation you won’t want to miss. John shows us step-by-step how he dismantled a baby grand (that he found for a mere $40!) and refinished and redesigned the piano as a stunning bookshelf. Check out this super cool DIY project and get inspired for your next one!

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Table Makeover

5. It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Table Makeover

This gorgeous table makeover by Hometalk Helper Charlee Hunter was inspired by her friend’s new chairs (yup, you read that right!). She refinished the table to match the decor style of the chairs and came up with this beautiful clock-faced side table. Charlee mixed her own paint to get the perfect color, used Designer stencils, and got to work creating this beautiful DIY furniture transformation. Take a look to get inspired to create your own “5 o’clock Somewhere” table!

Feminine Rustic Decor

6. Feminine Rustic Decor

Rustic decor isn’t just for the guys. Check out this post by Hometalker Amy Nahirny, and see how she created beautiful rustic DIY decor with a feminine touch. When a friend gifted her some deer shed antlers, Amy decided to experiment. Deer antlers? Check. Flowers and other floral embellishments? Check and check! This feminine rustic decor goes beautifully with Amy’s Native American prints, but would really do well in just about any rustic home decor setting. Try it!

Driftwood and Sea Glass Sunburst

7. Driftwood and Sea Glass Sunburst

Finally, something you can do with that sea glass and driftwood you’ve collected from your trips to the beach. Who doesn’t love a cool DIY project that doubles as a souvenir? This absolutely stunning beachy DIY home decor driftwood and sea glass sunburst was created by Hometalker Sea Trace Creations, and made out of almost 100% natural materials! Grab some jute rope and glue to put it all together, and make your own beautiful beachy home decor today.

Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard

8. Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard

You’re going to love this quick and easy cool DIY project for your kitchen! This kitchen cabinet chalkboard can be made in just a few minutes with some patience and the right materials. The best part is that you can change it up at any time depending on the season or your decorating needs. Jot down a grocery list or reminder, or leave a message or inspirational quote for your loved ones.

Hurricane Harvey Inspired Table Makeover

9. Hurricane Harvey Inspired Table Makeover

The coolest DIY projects are usually when we can transform something from trash to treasure. Hometalker Traci Heimer did just that with her $15 thrift shop find. Traci transformed a plain side table into a beautiful keepsake piece of furniture with a little bit of paint and lots of love. After some trial and error, many layers of paint and lots patience, Traci has her masterpiece! Check it out and let it inspire your next DIY project.

Hanging Picture Display

10. Hanging Picture Display

And now for something completely different… and still a super cool DIY project for your home. Blogger Lily Oleynik shares her totally unique picture display that you’ll love to try. A few easy-to-get materials and some of your favorite photos and you’ll be able to create your own cool DIY project to display pictures in your home. Our favorite part about this one? It hangs from anywhere in your home and you can custom design it to compliment any decor style.

Modern Macrame

11. Modern Macrame

Remember all that macrame that was popular in the 70s? Well, macrame is back and in more ways than ever! Hometalker Alicia W walks us through this cool DIY project that combines both macrame and woodworking. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to choose and cut the wood for the frames, as well as how to tie macrame in a few different ways. The end result? Another cool DIY project for your home that you can show off to your friends!

Cool Pallet Furniture

12. Cool Pallet Furniture

Pallet furniture is always a cool DIY favorite, and the best part about pallets is that you can often get cast offs for free, or next to nothing. Hometalker Carolina shows off some of her beautiful DIY pallet furniture creations. Carolina accepted a challenge from her friend to see what she could make from three pallets and you’ll be amazed to see the results. Check this out and get inspired for your next DIY pallet furniture project!

One Of A Kind Bike Mailbox

13. One Of A Kind Bike Mailbox

This one definitely belongs on our list of coolest DIY projects! But warning: Only try this DIY mailbox project if you don’t mind people constantly stopping in front of your house to take pictures of your lawn decor! Hometalk team Kelly-n-Tony shared this cool DIY project with complete details in the post. The best part of this mailbox is that you can change it up for different seasons. It’s amazing what you can do with an old bike and some imagination!

A Unique Herb Garden

14. A Unique Herb Garden

Here’s another show stopper from Hometalker Pat Ruge who loves when her granddaughter comes to visit, and they can get some time crafting together. Here Pat took some previously loved rain boots and transformed them into an adorable DIY project: an herb garden. With minimal tools and some garden soil and herbs, you can plant your own “booted” herb garden too. These are boots you’re going to want to leave outdoors!

Patriotic Garden Stars

15. Patriotic Garden Stars

These American flag garden star stakes combine simple woodworking with painting and sanding to create beautiful patriotic garden decor for any season. At Waylight Creations, they love to decorate their flowerbeds and gardens with cool DIY garden decor. If you’ve got some reclaimed wood laying around, you’re in luck. Check out this amazing tutorial and get inspired to create your own beautiful DIY patriotic garden decor!

Coral Prints With Unicorn Spit

16. Coral Prints With Unicorn Spit

This cool DIY project will leave you with not one awesome piece of home decor, but several!Hometalker Traci Heimer from Angel Rock Studio does it again with this cool DIY project that is simple, easy and fun...with beautiful results. You’ll need blank canvases, a glass vase and your favorite Unicorn Spit paint. Check out how Traci used Unicorn Spit to create several beautiful coral prints, and a stunning decorated glass vase...all in one DIY project!

17. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Sign

Check out this beautiful rustic farmhouse style sign that you can display in any room in your home. Hometalker Jill’s Creative has figured out a way to get that lettering picture perfect for your next DIY project. Lettering is always hard to get just right, but Jill has the perfect solution. You’ll need some wood, your favorite quote or print out, chalk, and some paint. Perfect on the mantle or any place you like to show off your latest DIY.

Dramatic Gallery Wall Makeover

18. Dramatic Gallery Wall Makeover

This dramatic gallery wall makeover can be personalized for any decor style. Choose artwork to compliment your home decor, then take a look at Caitlin’s gallery wall makeover and get inspired to do your own cool DIY project for home decor! Caitlin takes her very average wall and transforms it into a spectacular gallery wall with just a few frames and an old vintage ladder. Take a look!

19. Exquisite DIY Lighted Chandelier

If you’re looking for a cool DIY project that’s totally out of the box, you’ve found it! Hometalker Danielle Walcott shares how she made this amazing DIY lighted chandelier. With materials you can find at the dollar store, Danielle shows us how to make a stunning lighted chandelier that works as a centerpiece for any party or seasonal tablescape that will make your guests say “Wow”!

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  • Yosig Yosig on Nov 02, 2017
    The piano bookcase is one of my alltime favorite projects on this site, it's so cool! I wish I could do it, I just need a bit more floor space in my apartment and also an old piano :)

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Nov 02, 2017
    I love these!! Especially the piano, never seen anything like that before!