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Well this is just gonna be a quick post. My sisters and I live in New Mexico and the style of our home kind of reflects it. We have a rustic but feminine home and I wanted to show you a quick trick on how to soften up something rustic. My friend gave me hunks of shed deer antler. Shed deer antler means the antlers fall off the deers heads every year which is why i agreed to use it cause I didn't want something from an animal that was killed. I was debating whether or not to cut it into pieces and let the dogs chew on it but then I decided to experiment.
First thing I did was get a couple of pieces of scrap wood. I did not sand the wood so it kept the rustic feel to it. The next step is staining the wood. Remember to do stain the sides cause they will show when it is hanging up. After staining, attach a bracket on the back so you can hang it up. Sorry I forgot to get pictures of all the steps.
Then place the antler on the board to see how it lays. I did wash and scrub the antlers with dawn dish soap, just in case it had some dirt on it. Once I saw how the antler set on the board, I used E6000 (clear) to glue the antler to the board, and let it dry over night. Once its dry you can embellish it. I added these wood like flowers I got from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, once again using E6000. And once again I forgot to take pictures of the flowers. I also found some metal flowers that I thought would look cool. Remember not to add too much cause you want the beauty of the antlers to show, but just enough so that it softens the look.
And here we are after it being hung above our Native American prints.
another one.

Just remember to keep them out of reach of dogs! Dogs LOVE antlers to chew on and you don't want your art piece chewed up. Just a quick idea for you all. Shed antlers can be found on Amazon and Etsy for purchase.
Suggested materials:
  • Shed antlers
  • Scrap wood
  • E6000 glue (clear)
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