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I came across some wire connectors. Our Instructional Media Center (IMC) was getting rid of them. They were interesting looking and there were quite a few of them. The pretty green color caught my eye. I started to pitch them but stopped myself. I knew I could use them in some sort of craft project. So I went ahead and kept them.
I've been admiring the sunburst mirrors people have been posting on Hometalk and Pinterest. And the mirrors in catalogs were way too high priced for me. There was no way I could justify paying the prices they were asking in the catalogs. And there was definately no way I could justify paying that amount for a mirror to my husband. So I thought I could try to make one myself. Why not use the wire connectors to make a sunburst mirror of my own. If it didn't turn out I wasn't out any money.
Wire connectors.
I cut 2 circles out of a cardboard shoe box.
Two Cardboard circles cut from a shoe box.
I glued the wire connectors all around the outer edge of one of the circles. They had a raised edge on them. That made it easier to keep the length of the connectors all even around the circle. I filled the rest of the circle with more of the wire connectors and also the small pieces of connectors.
Wire connectors glued to cardboard circle.
I glued the other cardboard circle to the back to make it more sturdy. I took a small piece of ribbon and made a knot in it. I hot glued it to the back of the frame. You can also glue a saw thooth hanger to the back to hang it.
Glue ribbon to back to hang the mirror from.
I painted the front of the mirror frame with silver spray paint. Make sure to use the kind that you can use on plastic. Spray three light coats. Make sure to let it dry completely between coats.
Paint with silver spray paint.
I had a small mirror that fit perfectly in the middle of the frame. I glued it right in the middle of the frame. Here's the finished mirror hanging on my bedroom wall. I like how the silver frame looks against the light blue wall. It looks like it belongs on the Starship Enterprise. I know that from watching too much Startrack with my husband.
Suggested materials:
  • Wire connectors
  • Two cardboard circles(any size you want)
  • Silver spray paint
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