Easy String Wall Hanging

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2 Hours
I had a big empty space above my bed so I wanted to make something to fill the space. Using some yarn, and a large branch, I made this super easy wall hanging that makes a great statement piece.
First, you want to cut out a lot of strands of yarn. To figure out how long each strand needs to be, you want to figure out how big you want your wall hanging to be. You want to take the desired length of your wall hang, then multiply that number by 2, and then add 3 inches to give yourself some extra wiggle room.

So for mine, I wanted it to be 30 inches long. So I multiplied that by 2, to get 60 inches. And then add 3 inches so each strand of yarn was 63 inches long.

Start by cutting out 40 strands of yarn and then you can keep cutting more as you use them up.
Now you want to grab 3 strands of yarn and fold them all exactly in half. Grab the folded ends of all 3 and hold them together so that they form a loop.
With the loops facing down, you want to stick two fingers from the back to the front through the loops, and grab the tail end of your yarn and pull it through the loop towards the back.
You want to keep repeating this all the way along the length of your branch until you are happy with the width of your wall hanging. Once your happy with the width, you can use some extra yarn to tie on both ends of the branch to hang it up on your wall.
And that's it! You can hang it up just like that or if you want to add some more details, you can add some beads, or tassels by either stringing them through the existing strands of yarn or tying them directly to the branch. You can also trim your wall hanging to make the ends more even.
Suggested materials:
  • Yarn   (Micheals)
  • Branch   (outside)
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  • A_t16712245 A_t16712245 on Jul 23, 2017
    loved it

  • Nicole Aube Nicole Aube on Jul 23, 2017
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing your art. I'm not sure where I want to use this idea yet, so many possibilities. First place will likely be in place of a headboard.