Needed Wall Decoration

Instead of a mirror.
These orbs were made for about $20.00. I purchase form balls in three different sizes cut them in half. Purchase wooden sticks from Christmas tree shop 3 packs of 100 for $2.00, they had them the least expensive.
I sprayed painted 7 packs so 700 sticks and painted the foam balls using acrylic paint I found that spray paint shrunk the foam.
The fun part sticking those sticks into the form the largest one the middle took 400 sticks, the second largest the extreme right used 200 and the smallest one left side one used 100. In the picture they all look the same size but in person you can see the difference.
On the back of them I used the clips of a soda can, I don't know what to call it but I glued them on the foam back and put thin nails on my walls and hooked them on.
This was a lot less expensive then adding a mirror.

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