From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan With Modern Masters

30 Minutes
So this will actually be a 4 or 5 part series to a very large project I am working on to show the amazing transformation ONE product can make to a whole room. I just discovered a new product that I am over the moon with! I feel like a true "Modern Master" with the spirit of Van Gogh with this product. Everything is coming up thick, bold colors and textures!
Plastic Canadian Goose
I will start with my first try and over the course of the next 2 weeks I will show the different applications that actually make up my SWAN of a whole project. But our UGLY, dirty, PLASTIC, duck (Canadian Goose). He was headed to the trash and I saved him and a few friends I will show later.
The difference could end here with a simple wet cloth, amazing right? Wait to you see the next 3 steps as easy as the wet cloth!
MY NEW FIND - everyone should have this on their paint shelf!

Modern Masters - check out the website ( for all the products. I am going nuts with it. I chose the Metal Collection to start with.
Primer first. (You will need this on certain products in order to STOP the oxidizing) - 2 coats, which takes no time at all. I used a small brush - it absorbed so little of the product I went on to cover 6 other things.
Step 1 - Modern Masters Primer
Step 2 -Modern Masters Copper Oxidizing paint
Next I painted on Modern Masters Metal Oxidizing Copper Paint. 1st coat to cover and dry, second this waiting. Apply last coat while this coat is WET..YES that is not cheating...that's what the directions say. Awesome RIGHT! Told you I love this product!
Final Step
Pièces de résistance (step 3) - and final step...Modern Masters Green Patina Aging Solution. They have different colors on the website (Blue), but I wanted this color for a reason as you will see in Part 5 of the finished products to come!
Spray this baby all over the WET coat of Cooper paint and WATCH what happens! Be patient. In fact, I suggest you walk away and work on something else. This is a NO FAIL process with easy ways to add more color if needed, but the magic happens when you are not looking too closely! Its like left over lasagna, it's better the next day!
My UGLY, plastic, dirty, dump-bound, DUCK is now an ELEGANT, METAL, PATINA SWAN!
Any questions? This is such a fun, no fail project. Use it on plastic, metal, wood, MDF (my next post!) anything...seriously. I went on to do the hinges of my door with what was left on the brushes!
Wait till you see what is behind these bottles tomorrow. Like I said, walk away, I painted this tonight before I left my shop - I can't wait to see it in the morning either..stay tuned!
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  • Modern Masters Modern Masters on Feb 06, 2015
    Very well done! Thank you for sharing!

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    • Modern Masters Modern Masters on Feb 18, 2015
      @Sherry We look forward to them - thank you, Sherry!

  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Feb 06, 2015
    You are quite the artist, Sherry! Way to go! This was so much fun to read.