Photo Frame From a Broken Christmas Decoration!

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20 Minutes
I had a really cute Christmas decoration that looked like an old time tv! It had a dial that controlled the volume of the Christmas songs that played as the train drove around a cute little town which was all lit up. From one little knob!
And then it died. New batteries didn’t help. It was toast.
Cute but dead decoration.
I was about ready to toss it in the trash can when I decided to take it apart. Got out my little tools and proceeded to take the back off. I couldn’t see any wires that had come undone but I gave them a shake, pull and twist and still no luck. But then I had an idea!
Remove the back.
The backing had a cute little background scene on it and with a quick insertion of a knife, it flipped right off.
A keeper
So then I pulled out all the wires and the railroad scene literally gutting the tv.
Gutting it!
How perfect will this be as a photo frame! So I took a piece of paper and made a template for the correct picture size. I cleaned the glass and blew out the glitter that remained from the scenery.
Make a template,
I simply cut the photo using the template, placed it inside, taping it to the surrounding walls. Because it remained an empty cube I crunched up paper towels filling the void. This way if the tape comes off somehow, the picture will remain tight up against the screen.
Just love it!
Look how cute this turned out! The picture of our two sons, and the one‘s girlfriend from Christmas. And being one lives on one coast and the other two on the other coast with us in the middle of the country, these pictures are worth more than gold to us! I’m going to give it to my husband for his birthday next week. It will be perfect for his desk at work!
And I even got a bonus from taking this thing apart: a cute scene to put to use on some Christmas craft at the end of the year!!
To use in a craft next Christmas!
I love to repurpose things no matter what size!
Suggested materials:
  • Old Tv decoration   (Had)
  • Photo   (Had)
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