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For some reason when my washing machine was delivered, it came with a few very random planks of wood that's sole purpose was to keep the washer moving around in the box. So creative me thought well, 'who doesn't love random planks of wood?!'
I had been looking for some cool ways to display photos a little unconventionally, it couldn't have been more perfect timing for random wood. So of course I turned to Pinterest, where I got the idea to hang my photos instead of putting them in a picture frame.
I gathered all of my materials and covered my table to keep from getting paint everywhere. This project was relatively cheap being that I had most of the materials already, easy and SUPER FUN!
I took the big spongey paintbrush and covered it in the darkest color so it would be the background color. I really had no direction with where I was going with it (Which is BEYOND unlike me) but I decided to try something new.
After a few layers of paint the planks started to turn out to be pretty cool. The had a very mermaid/under the sea feel to them.
I cut the rope and taped it to the back of the wood and measured enough for three photos down.
I found these great beads at my local craft store to help anchor the stings. I tied them to the bottom and the colors looked great with the paint.
I wanted the stings to look super cute and also be functional. I originally thought I thought be able to use popsicle sticks to hold the pictures but after a few trial and errors and realizing that, no a string can not hold up sticks, I went back to the drawing board.
I painted the clothes pins and kept thinking of how I should attach them. They I had a stroke of genius and thought I would connect it all with hot glue and construction paper.
TADA! The final product! I made two of them to add to my extremely plain and boring hallway. A great way to display my photos without having to drill a billion times :)
Suggested materials:
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Wood blanks
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