Scrabble Wall Hanging

My love of Scrabble continues to shine through, this time with a fun wall hanging
Start by writing down the names of all the family members in your household and then start playing around with how you would organize them on a scrabble board.
For me: Linda, Kent, Nic, Ryan and Carly... so many options.
Final product before it was placed on the wall ( wanted to say hung but is that even proper, is it hung or hanged, so I went with placed)
I purchased some small square burlap canvases at Michaels's, ( you could make your own or even make wooden blocks but I like easy). The blocks were on same ( and now they come in denim, oh yea.
gather your canvas, a stencil, some sharpies ( or vinyl if you are a real serious crafter), your glue gun and some cardboard or wood to use as an anchor.
Organize your squares in the order you have determined and spell out each name
Select your weapon ( sharpie for me)
And just like colour by number start adding your letters to each burlap canvas.
This is a craft you could easily do with your children regardless of age ( helps them with their letters and with colouring)
Once the letters are all completed and you have the names in the order you prefer, attach the letters to a strip of wood, vinyl, caboard ( basically whatever medium you choose to use ( I use a hard cardboard cut slightly smaller than the squares and attached with my gluegun) I then attached a picture hook to the back and I was ready to go.
and there you have it another easy scrabble craft that even your young children can do. ( first seen on my blog (
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