Spiral Lollipop Inspired Paper Flowers

40 Minutes
This tutorial helps you to create a paper flower that has a spiral effect, like the old school lollipops. Enjoy!
You will need:ScissorsHot glue gunPencilFlower template w/ 5 different sized petals 5 different colors sheets of 65 lb cardstock
You will need to cut a total of 30 petalsThe middle petal size is the only petal that will have 10 petals. Remember you need 5 different colors.
Next cut each petal starting from the base. You want to make the cut half way on each petal. Then you will over lap the flaps and glue them together. Also be sure to style your petals. For my flower I rolled the petals down.
Now you are ready to assemble the flower. Starting with the largest petals start adding them to your base, spacing them out evenly. You can cut a pentagon base to help this process. Remember to keep the colors in order for each layer, if you dont, you will lose the spiral effect.
When starting a new layer of petals, start with the same color and follow the pattern every time. Continue adding petals.
Keep adding petals until all 30 petals have been secured with glue
You are all done! I would love to see your spiral creations! Be sure to tag @foreverpetalsbyvee on Instagram or Facebook!
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