String Roll Pumpkins

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15 Minutes
I had these vintage rolls of crochet tread and I wanted to use them with fall coming. I thought why not a pumpkin. I had everything here at the house, which is always great if you can make something from the things you already have.
Supplies you'll need:
roll of crochet thread
cotton twine
paper clip
twig/ tree branch
glue gun
needle nose pliers
I popped out the label that was on the bottom of the string roll and I tied the white cotton string around it, making six lines. After that was done I glued the label back on the bottom. Next I grabbed my branch, I cut off a tree I had outside in my front yard. Free supplies are always great. I used that for the stem and added a dot of glue and put the long stem through the hole in the center making sure to center it. The space that was not filled I filled with some moss. Next I opened my paper clip and grabbed a pair of pliers and wrapper the paper clip wire around the needle nose pliers and made a curly-Q and glued that to the moss. Finally I added a leaf to finish this pumpkin off. It's a super cute shabby chic vintage looking pumpkin. With supplies I had here at home its amazing what you can come up with if you just thing out of the box a little bit.
Here are the pumpkins in my three tier metal tray. It works perfect for the tray as you need cute stuff that's not real big!

I had made a 1/2 dozen so here are a few on my buffet. I think they would work in just about any area around the house as there natural and elegant for any fall décor.

Suggested materials:

  • Crochet Thread   (
  • Leafs   (
  • Branch   (outside)
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