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A few years ago I had got these two beautiful antique wooden cutting boards from my husbands nana. I loved the unique shape and colour these boards had. Not to mention their history, I could tell instantly that these boards were well loved and had many delicious meals prepared on them.

I fiddled around a few times trying to find the perfect spot for them, but nothing seemed quite right. Well, as I was cleaning out a cupboard the other day I found the cutting boards again and thought I would try something different with them. I had an empty wall in my kitchen that lacked decor and I thought they could work there. The problem however was that this wall was very long an narrow and two cutting boards didn’t seem sufficient.

I remembered that I had a newer cutting board in my stash that had a similar shape and size. When I hung all three boards on the wall (both new and old) I loved the over all look of the grouping but the newer cutting board stuck out like a sore thumb.

Read below to find out what I used to tie it all together and give everything a cohesive look.

The first thing that I did was to find the center of the cutting board and attach a little hanger to it. As I never use these boards for cooking I didn’t mind screwing into it, but you could always use Command Velcro strips for this.

The newer cutting board is the one in the back middle. You can see a drastic color difference to it, and it doesn’t have some of the beautiful markings on it like the others. I decided it could look pretty to add a little greenery to each board to distract from that, and make everything look cohesive.

I made three little bunches of leaves using a greenery stem I had from a previous project. I simply tied the leaves together using some bakers twine. I think this would also look so lovely using fresh herbs, and I very well might change it to that soon, but for now this is what I had on hand.

I wrapped the twine around several times to hide the ugly fake looking ends on the leaves. Tie the twine in a simple double knot at the back to secure.

I think this little change really elevates the look of these boards and they look so pretty hanging on the wall.

I love that I was able to finally incorporate these two special sentimental pieces into my kitchen decor.

I think my little trick of incorporating the greenery really helps to tie all three boards together.

Suggested materials:

  • Cutting boards   (Amazon)
  • Greenery stems   (Amazon)
  • Bakers twine   (Amazon)
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  • Shuganne Shuganne on Oct 09, 2021

    I'm a straight line thinker, so I would have used the holes in the handles and a nail in the wall. Was that a thought that you rejected, and why, if you did?

    I like that you put the newer one with the darker stripes of wood showing, or did they show on both sides anyway? It blends in the colors nicely. I might have tried coating the new one with vegetable or olive oil, just to see if it made it end up darker. I also might wear out the edges of the newer one with a knife, just a bit, for blending, too. I'd have mailed you my old one, but I bet you could also find a used one at a Salvation Army resale store, or some second hand store near you.

    Also, please, on the back, think about documenting the age and origin of the old ones, so future generations will know how special they are.


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  • Erin Erin on Sep 29, 2021

    Better than hanging signs!

    • Shuganne Shuganne on Oct 10, 2021

      I sense one is tired of seeing "Welcome," first on the door mat and then painted on old barn wood throughout house? Maybe that fad has overstayed its welcome with you.

      Oops! Sorry, Erin! 😁

  • MJ MJ on Sep 30, 2021

    I used fresh herbs and lavender, they dried ugly and the scent didn’t last. Will try faux now. I like how your arrangement brought simple beauty to a small space.