My Grandkids Wall

I have a home office, I wanted to be creative and make it different than the other rooms in our house. Since I spend so much time in here, what better than to have my grand kids names framed. This is the process, it didn't take long at all, and wasn't expensive at all.Tji
I simply bought 8x10 stretched canvas (white $2.97 for a 3-pak), and one simple black plastic frame (8x10 $1.88 each), I painted the 6 canvas's in yellow, and painted each of the frames blue. I let them dry for about 4 hours.
Then using my printer and microsoft word, I printed out each of my grand childrens names,( font color blue).
I cut each of their names out, and colored in yellow the white left.
I once again used my printer and microsoft word and printed out my grandma name ( which is Mombo). I cut each out, it took a some time, but it was worth it.
I used a glue stick to stick the names to each canvas, put the canvas in the frames, then i used a glue stick to put up my grand ma name.....and TADA.....there you have it....Really easy and simple. You can do this with just about any thing, and if you don't want to take the time to cut out each letter, you can use vinyl lettering....(which you can find them at walmart or even michaels, really cheap.).
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