"Good Bones" - Family Name Plaque Upcycle

2 Hours
I found an ugly piece of art at a local thrift store for $3 and was, for some reason, drawn to it. When I picked it up, I realized it was made out of some sort of plaster-ish material and was very heavy. My first thought was, "This could go outside!!". I snatched it up and took it home - this was the result. Don't overlook something with "good bones" that can be used as a starting point!!
Original art piece: $3
Rope: $5
Paint: left over from other projects
This is Mr. Ugly. Ok, maybe it was horrible, but it's not my style.
This photo shows the cool plaster-ish material, which was painted and "crackle" finished. Not really my thing either.
I started by painting over the finish with EXTERIOR paint. The frame trim was painted the same color as my front door & shutters as this was to be hung over the door.

Then I chose a design and painted our family name and, as you can see, some lovely anchors.
I wanted it to look a little distressed - but not too much as I didn't want to change the color of the frame. I used some dark wax to bring out the detail on the frame.
This was the final finish after the excess wax was buffed off.
To finish it off, I trimmed it out in some rope I had left over from another project.

Now, to get Prince Charming to hang it over the door for me. :)

What do you think?
Doesn't it look perfect?

(I couldn't take a straight picture to save my life!)
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