Home Decor Christmas Present

2 Materials
2 Hours
Made this sign for $27.00
Went and bought 2 fence pickets 5/8 x5 1/2 x 6ft, order the sign on Ebay and found the tin Letter at Walmart, bought 4 cans of spray paint.
Next cut the boards to 16 inches only had 18 inches to work with for the space between kitchen cabinets! Had to dog ear the other boards, used top Pickett for pattern. You can make yours any size you want yours.
Spray painted the boards then distressed the wood with my sander!
After paint dried and sander put on the on the back board I used 1 x2 firing strips and used deck screws to hold it together! I also drill pilot holes for the screws not to split the wood.
I took the tin letters and soaked them in vinegar and beat them with a small ball pin hammer. Then painted them.
I nailed and glued the letters on the board, and used deck screws for the sign. Added a hay bale string to hang it from.
Suggested materials:
  • 5/8 x 51/2 x6 fence picket   (Lowes)
  • 1x2x8 firing strip   (Lowes)
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