Make a Metal Art Star!

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We found some old rusty barbed wire and figured we could make something creative with it. We love rustic farm decor and after thinking it over, we decided to make a large star. It took just about one hour and it looks pretty cool.

Here's what the finished star looks like. You can make it whatever size you like. Here's how we did it....

For us the only tricky part was making the actual pattern. We used an old piece of plywood. Since we didn't have a huge protractor, my husband made his own.

Super easy! All the instructions (and the Math!) to make the star pattern can be found over on our website Country Living in a Cariboo Valley.

The formula is there to get your screw points exactly right.

Here is the 5 point star template. We left the screws sticking out about 1 1/2 inches so there was lots of room to wrap the wire around the screws.

You could make a 6 point star if you would rather.

Wearing leather gloves (this wire can be sharp), we wound the wire around the screws. You can see where we started by looking at the screw in the bottom right corner.

Just wrap the wire around leaving a tail, and you can wrap it around the rest of the wire later.

We wrapped the wire around three times, but you can do just one wrap or as many as you like.

After the wrapping is finished, you may see some of the wires aren't laying as flat as the others.

We use tie wire and cutting pliers to cinch the 3 layers of wire together. We started at the corners (the screws) and twisted the tire wire around the barb wire.

There were still a couple of places where the wires were not laying together. So we cinched that together as well, with the tie wire.

Once we were satisfied with the look of the metal star, we removed the screws and lifted off the star.

We used another piece of the tie wire to make a hanger. You could use some rope or strong raffia to make the hanger too.

We really like the way it turned out. This star is going to hang on one of our exterior walls. And...we are already thinking of other metal art projects we can make with the rest of our old wire.

Suggested materials:

  • Rusted metal wire   (Ask a farmer, they always have old wire!)
  • Cutting pliers   (Amazon)
  • Tie wire   (Amazon)
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Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Tinkerbellabell Tinkerbellabell on Jul 16, 2020

    That’s cool. I love stars. It looks like hard work. I’ll draw and asked my husband to help.Thanks, looks like hard work but worth it.

  • Annie Annie on Jul 16, 2020

    It was a fun project - the hardest part was doing the math :) I want to make some more of these projects with barbed wire, they look awesome