Metal Wall Art/Hanging Gets an Easy Dollar Store Fix!

by Knelso18
3 Materials
15 Minutes
We have had this piece of metal wall artwork above our mantel and gas fireplace forever! I have tried many pictures etc, but just kept putting it back up. Nothing did the trick for me. So, a brainstorm at night came up with an easy dollar store solution... paint it. Yep, paint it.
All you need is acrylic paints (I used a hint of light blue and tan), cheap brush and paper towels. We all can do that right? And just have faith In yourself. (I must admit I wasn't too sure, but know you can always wash off paint!)
Here is what it looked like before. Nice enough. Just so black and gold, and just not feeling it anymore. But fits so nice in my spot hard to get rid of. Got at Kirklands about 10 yrs ago...
Mixed in a cup my paints. Dab (nickel size) of blue and 3x tan. Give a mix...
Here's what my wall looks like without it. Could I put the flat tv there? Yes. But don't want that.
Took the paint and payed it on thick to get all the grooves as when whiling away, the grooves is what will keep in the new color.
Wearing a rubber glove, wiped with paper towel.
After wiping you can see what is left with color...
Middle of piece. Decided to go for it!
Thickly painted... then wiped off.
Finished product close up on the wall.
My mantel with all my goodies. Messy but every piece means something to me...
Closer up of all.
Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic paints   (Walmart or dollar store)
  • Bounty paper towel   (Dollar store)
  • Small paint brush   (Dollar store)
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