One Simple Fix that Stops Loose Bathroom Towel Bars, Toilet Paper Holders and More

10 Minutes
Bathroom towel bars that wiggle.
Toilet paper holders that jiggle.
Door handles that waggle.
These drive me nuts and this past weekend I made a semi-permanent fix that you'll discover to be super easy.
I say semi-permanent because even though the screws are bonded tightly to the bathroom accessories you can still undo them with hand tools.
But, out of curiosity (and prompted by a great question from someone on my blog) I called Loctite to find out what you can do if your screws won't come loose. They shared with me that Threadlocker Blue 242 liquefies at 450F and allows screws to be, well, unscrewed. This can be accomplished with a heat gun.
Here are some tips that will help you eliminate wobbling towel bars, door handles, etc
+Use a small screwdriver or Allen wrench to loosen set screws
+Add a pencil mark on the wall to indicate the center of the metal support bracket (this will eradicate the frustration of trying to line up the set screw upon reinstallation)
+Add 1-2 drops of Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 at the tip of set screws and door handle bolts
+Quickly tighten the screw since you have a working time of 10 minutes
Bathrooms are probably the most used and abused rooms in our homes. Our daughters and tenants have taught me this :) And this little weekend DIY project can save you a lot of aggravation.
For more pictures, a few short videos and some funny commentary visit my post at
Where else do you need a nut and bolt threadlocker?
Add Loctite Threadlocker 242 Blue to screws, nuts, and bolts to keep them from coming loose
Does your toilet paper holder jiggle? Add 1-2 drops of 242 to the set screws.
Add a pencil mark in the center of metal support brackets of bathroom accessories to help align the set screw.
Add a piece of duct tape to door handles to help keep them in place when you remove one screw at a time to add the 242 Blue.
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