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6 Hours

First of all, let me say how much inspiration I get from all you creative Hometalkers. I love getting the daily emails and reading the cool ideas you come up with. So, thank you!

A little background on this mini update.

I’ve been disabled for about 6 years. Being home all day is not fun, nor is looking at the inside of your house all day-every day. You easily and quickly get sick of looking at the same things, the same colors, the same throw pillows, the same furniture, the same everything. Thank goodness I have a patient and very super skilled he-can-do-it-all husband that entertains my constant need to redecorate, repaint, remodel our house. So......

this small project is our super tiny hallway.

Peel & stick wallpaper is DA DIGGEDY BOMB! It’s a fast and relatively cheap way to refresh a space.

I wanted a bold and colorful print for the hallway. DON’T BE AFRAID OF BOLD PRINTS!

I also have been obsessed with painting ALL our interior doors black. Yes, it shows dust more easily than white, but the doors look so elegant.

This is before and during us hanging the paper. When you walk into the hallway the main bath (which you can see) is right in front. This is the Right side of the hallway.

There’s my husband hanging the wallpaper and saying some “colorful words” too. This print was NOT friendly. He also misjudged how much we’d need and had to stop because we needed 5 more!!!

A LOT of paper was wasted because of all the doors in the hallway (3) and having to match the print. The repeat is 21 inches.

This print is available at a lot of places and the price varies. It’s called NuWallpaper BREWSTER GROOVY GARDEN-Gray. I bought mine at Walmart for $27.93 a roll. Shop around for ANY peel & stick print you like before buying it. This same wallpaper is $49.99 at Target. Talk about a cost difference!

Also look on Mercari & Posh. I bought a 5 roll bundle of peel & stick on Mercari and papered my LV wall.

The view now with the black doors. That’s the bathroom.

The view from our bedroom. The light is from Pottery Barn (bought several yrs ago). The silver mirror was super cheap and it’s plastic. I’m all about mixing high & low end stuff.

The total cost was under $300.

Again, DON’T be afraid to go BOLD. Take a chance with color and bold patterns.

This wallpaper also comes with a gorgeous dark blue background. ⬆️⬆️

It was hard to decide.

Suggested materials:

  • Wallpaper   (Walmart)
  • Black paint   (Home Depot)

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  • Cathy R Cathy R on Jan 11, 2021

    The black doors with that wallpaper looks stunning together !! Very high end look ...

    enjoy !!!

  • Shelby☮️ Shelby☮️ on Apr 09, 2021

    Woah - I did some "pearl clutching" when I saw your wallpaper. I've had that on my wish list on Amazon for over a year now. The exact design and color. Too cool.

    Now I get to see what it looks like actually on walls. I still love it. It looks too good with your black doors and gold accent. Great job. Thank you for sharing.


    Now I have to find a wall and order that paper.