Group A Wins 2nd Coin Toss: Follow-Up Halloween Decor (Part 2 of 4)

Happy National Pumpkin Day (10-26) and welcome to part two of four re my series where I am following up on Halloween decor using a cast of characters that I first introduced here on HT @

Then in part one of this follow-up series (@ I mentioned that GROUP A (the group being featured today) had won a second coin toss, allowing them to be discussed in today's HT post. Moreover, they were thrilled to learn that their feature story fell on the same day as National Pumpkin Day!

The leader of this group is especially thrilled as she owns and rides in a custom-designed pumpkin carriage which is drawn by her cat. The group leader, her cat and the carriage are featured in the first three images of this series. She wanted me to make sure to tell you that she is no relation to Cinderella nor Cinderella's step sisters; the fact is she just loves pumpkins, and, therefore, had her mode of transportation designed to appeal to her passion.

(I can certainly understand her love of pumpkins as can the array of birds which visit the garden I have on my terrace, and if you'd like to read more about this fact I have a number of posts on Blogger as well as tumblr that you may refer to @ AND @

And, dear reader, you might recognize her, because images of her with her entourage (GROUP A) were featured in my last three posts on HT. I am including a group photo-op today for easy reference in identifying the cast of characters in GROUP B. (it can be found in image four of the photographs accompanying this entry.)

From left to right the characters she is with are as follows: Mr. OMG, Lil' Sister Witch, Big Sister Witch, The Lady with the Lantern, and Dino the shopper.

Mr. OMG feels he has bragging rights as he has been visiting my succulent garden since 2011, when the cast of characters was somewhat different as you can surmise from the collage posted with this entry (image five).

Nonetheless he did concede that the leader should be the lady with the carriage, as all of these characters are concerned about the forthcoming fate of carriages pulled by horses in NYC (where all of us live) as they may be eliminated altogether within the forthcoming year!

However, that situation, as "they" say is another story, for now the focus is GROUP B and their photo-ops which they are eager to see posted. Mr. OMG is no exception and has posted for pictures that feature his left profile, his right profile and a facing forward photo. He thought he looked too fat for a back view and I respect his wishes and you may see the three aforementioned images in pictures six through eight of this series.

Standing next to Mr. OMG is Lil' Sister Witch and she also has issues with being photographed. In her case she doesn't care for her right profile; hence I only have images of her backside, her left profile, and facing front. (Please see images nine through eleven to catch a glimpse of her.)

On the other side of Lil' Sister Witch is Big Sister Witch who has the opposite issue with her profile from her younger sister! Big Sister Witch does not care for her own left profile; therefore, I only have images of her facing front, her right profile, and her backside (Please see images twelve through fourteen to see Big Sister Witch.)

The Lady with the Lantern is on the other side of Big Sister Witch and she has no issues with being photographed; thus I have a frontal image of her, images of her left as well as her right profile and an image of her back, which are represented in pictures fifteen through eighteen.

Dino the Shopper (lower right) like The Lady with the Lantern has no issues with being photographed; as a result, I have an images of all four of his sides, and they can be found in pictures nineteen through twenty-two.

Thus far all the images featured of GROUP A (with the exception of the collage shown in image four), showcase different angles of these Halloween visitors from inside the holding area of my armoire where they have been waiting to be called by Mr. Moon-In-The-Man* to come join their comrades from GROUP B who went to the succulent garden yesterday, October 25th, 2013.**

In image twenty-three you can see Mr.Moon-In-The-Man presenting Big Sister as well as Lil' Sister Witch to the folks in the succulent garden. Image twenty-four features Ms. Lipstick attempting to make Dino and Lady Lantern feel welcome — as long as doing so doesn't interfere with her on-going activity of sprucing up!

And in image twenty-five, my resident musician *** lends a song to help Mr. OMG feel comfy in his return visit, while pictures twenty six and twenty-seven show the carriage driver happy to find a parking space in my succulent garden.

This brings me to the conclusion of part two (of four) re my follow-uo series where I'm covering the antics of my Halloween visitors. Before I sign off, I want to acknowledge the good work of GROUP B's coach (mentioned in yesterday's post here on HT) who can be sen in image twenty-eight.

The coach can also be seen in action coaching GROUP B (image twenty-nine, a picture that was also included in yesterday's HT entry) and in the aforementioned photo you can also see GROUP C (lower right) and GROUP D (lower left) who are awaiting their visit to the garden.

In part three of this series, I will cover the antics of GROUP C and in part four I will conclude with the antics of GROUP D.

AND MEANWHILE HAPPY PUMPKIN DAY from one of the mourning doves in my terrace garden (image thirty) and me.

* INFO on Mr. Moon-In-The-Man @
** INFO on GROUP B @
*** INFO on resident musician @
Carriage Driver View One
Carriage Driver View Two
Carriage Driver View Three
This image was first seen here on HT and is now included in TLLG Pinterest Boards @
Collage featured in a post on Blogger in 2011 @
Mr. OMG View One
Mr. OMG View Two
Mr. OMG View Three
Lil' Sister Witch View One
Lil' Sister Witch View Two
Lil' Sister Witch View Three
Big Sister Witch View One
Big Sister Witch View Two
Big Sister Witch View Three
The Lady with the Lantern View One
The Lady with the Lantern View Two
The Lady with the Lantern View Three
The Lady with the Lantern View Four
Dino, the Shopper View One
Dino, the Shopper View Two
Dino, the Shopper View Three
Dino, the Shopper View Four
Mr. Moon-In-The-Man with Big and Lil' Sister Witch. He was introduced on TLLG's FB Page @
Ms. Lipstick (from GROUP B) helped Mr. Moon-In-The-Man welcome these two guests from GROUP A. BUT she did not put her lipstick down to to it! INFO on her is @
My musician in residence helps to welcome Mr. OMG's return to the succulent garden. The bass loving frog was introduced on TLLG's Blogger Pages in March of 2013 @
The carriage driver leads the gal he works for around the garden but happy to find a parking space. View One
The carriage driver leads the gal he works for around the garden but happy to find a parking space. View Two
GROUP B's coach who was introduced on HT @
This image first appeared on HT and is now included in TLLG's PINTEREST Boards @
This image was featured within TLLG's tumblr Pages @

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