Drainage Issues? Check Out This Yard

Drainage was a huge problem in this yard. Water from the five lots on the upper side of the house drained down the driveway, creating a "river" when it rained.
Landscape Studio put in two catch basins and an earth berm to stop the water. We re-graded the backyard and installed a dry creek bed to redirect the water.
Landscape Studio designed a privacy fence, planted annuals and perennials, added a raised planter for vegetable gardening, and found the perfect spot in this beautiful yard for the client's unique statue.
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Oct 30, 2014
    very nicely done! Elegant and interesting.

  • Becky Becky on Jun 12, 2017
    Very Nice! My yard is similar and needs serious make over. It slants towards house and the soil is very sandy and has weeds. Plus I have to watch costs as we've just bought the house. I'm thinking till the ground add top soil and patch sod and grass seed where I want a yard. but I also want a raised garden around fence line. Any suggestions?