What's wrong with my Christmas cactus?

by Louise

It's over 30 yrs old and over the years has bloomed nicely every year. For a while it was near Christmas but then changed to Thanksgiving. It lives on my deck in the summer and has sun and shade, depending on the time of day. I've never done anything special to it other than water it if we had a dry summer. This past summer was pretty rainy so I'm not sure I ever watered it. I brought it inside about week ago when we were expecting low 30s temps. That's when I noticed the huge change in color in some of the green segments. This has never happened before. They've always remained their normal green.

Last year, for the first time, I got only two blooms. This year, I don't have any buds. I want my gorgeous blooms again. I read online that to make them bloom, they need to have many hours without light, but I've never done that except for them to have the night darkness while outside. Can someone give me tips on how to care for Christmas cactus? Should I start by cutting off the discolored parts? And if so, then what? Is it just too old to continue blooming?

q what s wrong with my christmas cactus
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