This Desk Went From Drab to Fab Using Unicorn SPiT. I'm Obsessed!

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Okay. I'll admit it - I'm obsessed with Unicorn Spit. Any day is a good day if I can head out to the garage and play. I found this sad little desk at a yard sale, and it had "SPiT me" written all over it. I was happy to take it home with me and make it all pretty again.
First I had to sand off all that old paint to get ready for the magic. I used 40 grit sandpaper with my orbital sander, followed by 220 grit, then 120 grit. Not so much fun in this step, but necessary!
I wet down the top of the desk using a spray bottle. The wood was very dry, so I put a lot of water on it. Then I squirt diluted Unicorn SPiT in a random - okay, maybe random in a calculated way is more like it. I knew I wanted shades of green on top, and blue and gray on the bottom.
I smeared the SPiT in one direction until I got it all blended the way I liked it. This is fun! Just like fingerpainting when I was a kid.
I put a drop of SPiT on the desk and smeared it around in a little circle and added another drop of another color and sort of fanned that out with a small artists paint brush. These were meant to be a little abstract, and that's exactly how they turned out. You can see the wood grain through the Unicorn Spit, and that's why I love using it. I love the way it blends too.
After a I painted all the flowers ai added the black stems - no need to be too precise here, just squiggle them on. I used a raggedy paint brush to add some greenery and some additional color as background.
I painted the drawer front with some squiggles of SPiT and my hand, and painted the old knobs.
I painted the rest of the desk a soft white with a small jar of Valspar latex paint that I had in the garage. After a couple of coats of Minwax Oil-Modified Clear Gloss Polyurethane On the desk top and drawer I was finished.
Unicorn SPiT has really brought out the creativity in me. There is no right or wrong way to use it. Just squirt it on and play with it. So many cool techniques to use, and since it's water based, if you don't love how your project turns out, just wipe it off and try again!

Suggested materials:

  • Unicorn Spit Gel Stain in Blue Thunder, Dragon's Belly, Pixie Punk Pink, Purple Hill Majesty, Lemon   (Online at unicorn
  • Minwax Oil-Modified Clear Gloss Polyurethane   (Lowe's)
  • Valspar latex paint   (Lowe's)

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  • Pau4480508 Pau4480508 on May 29, 2016
    Did u use a paint brush or really your fingers, I would love to see a video of this


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