What Can You Make Out of Wire Spools...This and That!

by Jennifer
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I have many different sized spools and this is some of the things I make with them icon !
The first are Stools!icon  
Some of the types I have made. I have also screwed in a round board at the bottom, covered the whole spool with padding, fabric and then added bun feet but I haven't made one this year yeticon . Hope to soon though!
This is what it looks like before, dirty. Clean it first.
Now add color and any design you want. I have done a lot of hand painting I'll show you one later in this post.icon  
I did a fluffy, furry and super soft round seat in a brownish and white animal faux furicon ! You can use a vinyl/waterproof type of material for the seating use outside.
This type is for inside the house, maybe at your vanity, by the fireplace or just extra seating! Cut a 12- 14 inches circle out of 3/4 inch plywood. Trace the wood on 2 inch thick padding then cut it out and spray glue the padding onto the wood. Add batting and fabric to fit completely around to the bottom several inches in. Staple all that down. icon
I forgot to take a picture of where I screwed in the seat. The top of the spools have hole already there, I just use those.icon  
Super sturdy and soft on the tushicon
Next project...
The second things are plant stands!
The third are side tables!
I hand painted this one and many others.icon
You can also decoupage, add rope.. the possibilities are almost endless when decorating the spools!icon  
Super easy!
Start with the dirty spool, clean it, add any color paint/design then fit it with a terra cotta saucer on the top. I have also used wood, glass and metal for tops!
To make a tall stand just add another spool, don't forget to screw it togethericon . The small ones are also perfect for a table beside your lounge chair while the tall ones work great beside a chair, bench or couch! These are inside or outside stands, just make sure the paint is too!icon
The fourth thing...I make the big ones into birdbath/feeders!
I don't have one to show right now thoughicon I haven't made one this year yet.
Number five...Candle Holders!
Again super easy, these are about 4 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Perfect for a candle holder. Paint any color you want. I added the grip liner to the bottom so it won't slide on the table and to the top so whatever is on top won't slide off eithericon .
Okay almost finished...
And six is a...Serving Pedestal!
Just like the candle holder except with a bigger plate or tray. I use two of these on the table to hold a platter of turkey or ham on the holidays. Works great for any celebration!icon  

It's hard to say how much the above projects cost because some things were leftover from other projects, given to me or bought at thrift store. I usually work with what I have on hand! I do love to UPCYCLE stuff!
Well now I'm finished and thanks so much for looking at some of my creations! icon
icon out people!
Suggested materials:
  • Different sized spools   (I have a friend)
  • Spray paint, paint   (on hand)
  • Any embellishment   (on hand)
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