Opportunity to Update Living Room Table ... After the Glass Broke

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Love my table, but the glass broke, hauling it around to replace the glass was not an option... stare at anything long enough... and ...
The top was crackled and not in the good way... So using hand sander took it back to her original wood. Originally planned to restain... but she was so beautiful after final sanding with 220 grit and I wanted her just like this!
The great hand carving let to a light sanding and great highlights... yup, I deliberately left the dark of ages , shes over 30 years old, just sanded the very top and edges 150 grit by hand. This took a while... and was the hardest. However sandpaper wrapped around a pencil is a slick trick that helped. Left the bottom of the piece dark, just cleaned down the cracked to smooth. Space being a premium I just covered with old sheet, which made clean up easier too. This took over a month to do the whole project, but I didnt work on it every day.
Measured the space where the glass used to be. Went to home improvement store and bought 2 beautifully textured 20 by 20 floor tiles, I considered getting a piece of flagstone, it was a hard decision. Finished sanding I decided to cover with 4 coats of matt clear coats of polyurethane.
Placing the tiles, they cover the hole perfectly.They are heavy enough they don't move! But I considered a piece of grip they use under carpets if they needed it... and...
Wow! She's came out better than I imagined. Sometimes following your instincts lead to fabulous results! She's good for another 20 years, and I can change her tiles anytime!
Suggested materials:
  • Hand sander 60, 150, 220 grit sandpaper   (2 20 inch ceramic floor tiles... they come in many styles and sizes.)
  • Clear matt polyurethane , use brush not foam!
  • Old sheet cover to collect sanding dust.
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