DIY Snowboard Wall Mount

by Gavi
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So a couple weeks ago I turned to the fantastic Hometalk community and asked for some assistance in how to DIY this project ( and got some great advice! I'm happy to say I took the suggestions into consideration and actually set out to give my beautiful snowboard a new home on the wall, instead of just keeping her in time out in the corner of our living room next to the couch.
This is my beauty!
I took her out for measuring purposes and for prepping her for the new home on the wall.
I made a trip to a local hardware store (there are MANY in the area where I live) to pick up some supplies. Here I want to take a second to share a good learning opportunity. I first went into one small store and try to explain how I was interested in mounting my snowboard to the wall and how I wanted to do so with brackets. I ideally was looking for brackets with a lip at the end to hold the bard in place, but all they had were these simple regular brackets. They tried to offer me these other short hook like bracket but there was no way that it was appropriate for what I was trying to do. They wished me luck and suggested I go to a music store to buy a guitar mount. I then went to try my luck in a different store, explaining to one of the workers what I was trying to do, and while he too didn't have any bracket with a lip, he suggested maybe we could "fashion" something that would be more appropriate. Together, we were able to think outside of the conventional box and we put together, using some bolts and screw and some plastic tubing, a really practical and visually pleasing combination! I so much appreciated his help and it was a good lesson, that even when you are DIYing, theres always more room for some extra creativity. I feel like I was able to DIY my own DIY project! So the idea was to get these 2 simple brackets and create a lip using a long screw and some clear plastic tubing to both protect the board and also create a really awesome modern visual!
I decided to jazz up these simple white brackets with metallic spray paint, and it went well with the screws and bolt that I would later use. I took them outside and sprayed them on the pavement. **learning curve: I should have worn some gloves - that spray paint was difficult to wash off my hands once it dried. I heavily scrubbed with 100% acetone and it still took a few hours for it all to come off! You live and you learn
Once the paint had dried i started to assemble the DIY "lip." I screwed in a long bolt to the end and secured it with 2 nuts to ensure stability due to the long nature of the bolt.
I then placed the clear plastic tubing over the bolt and cut to size, just a bit below the end of the bolt so that I could screw on the fastener at the top.
I repeated with the other bracket, and here we have the 2 fancy silver brackets with a lip!
I laid out the snowboard on the floor and placed approximately where to place the brackets to that when the board would lay on them, the binding would not fall on the bracket, creating a bumpy and less stable landing spot. I made notes of how far apart to place the brackets so that I could then secure them to the wall.
Using the tape measure I measured on the wall how far apart to place the brackets and left enough space below the ceiling to allow for the snowboard to be out of the way, but still on display. Where I had made the marks, I took a bracket for an example, held it in place and marked the 3 spots for drilling.
Once my spots were all marked out, I got out the power drill... I have to say this was my first time using it by myself - and i was standing on the top rung of a medium sized ladder - I was mentally shaking but did my best to keep my hands steady, plowing through this non-drywall-wall.... and let me tell you, it wasn't easy! But my husband was there for emotional support and also physical support by holding the ladder (despite its being quite sturdy). This was more of a personal win for persevering despite feeling nervous and not capable yet really wanting to succeed and do it on my own!
Once I got all the holes filled, I got to screwing in the screws and sturdying the brackets. It took a little trial and error because my holes weren't 100% straight into the wall so I had to switch out some of the plastic pieces to fit into a bigger-than-planned hole, and I couldn't put some of the screws 100% of the way into the wall because it wasn't totally straight - but it was good enough for a sturdy bracket and my snowboard fit beautifully on top of them!
Here she lies, nice and comfy, out of the way but still on display on very lovely, DIY silver brackets. I feel great about what I accomplished and I get a strong sense of accomplishment each time I walk by it! Now if I can just plan a trip to actually use this board.....
Suggested materials:
  • Metal brackets   (local hardware store)
  • Screws, nuts and bolts   (local hardware store)
  • Metallic spray paint   (on hand at home)
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