Magazine Storage #30dayflip January Organization Challenge

So for Chrstmas my sweet husband bought me a Rockwell bladerunner X2 tool, that allows me to do a variety of things (its AMAZING). Our challenge for January was organization. Well we recently subscribed to several magazines, a school fundraiser, ( you know how that goes!) So we were in need of somewhere to store them....
AS you can see our coffee table was getting overwhelmed with magazines gracing the top and stacked on the bottom!!
This makes your coffee table look crowed and very unkept. below is a close up of the bottom stack
SO, I wanted to use my new tool for a magazine storage solution! And I wanted to make it monogrammed, so with a cutout of a R I traced it on some 1/4 inch red oak plywood $9.99 for a large sheet. and used the scroll feature to cut out my R (first time doing something like that). I measured and used my tool as a table saw to create the sides. And used thicker leftover pine I already had on hand, to make the spine of the box.
Red Oak before
Red Oak AFTER...I stained with my home mixed vinegar/steel wool stain, to get this cool gray look. I pre-drilled holes and used the most amazing AND Pretty screws (8x1 Pocket Hole Screws) to put it all together.
I painted the bottom, spine and R with a red I already had, and when it dried I went over it with antiquing wax to give it that cool aged look.
It cleaned up my coffee table and fits in with our room decor. It was fun and cheap, as I had plenty of plywood leftover that went into making my Zoo stuffed animal storage for my kids as another part of my January challenge, check it out the title is "Zoo, stuffed animal/side table organization
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