Organize Multiple Plug Ins With This Easy Inexpensive Storage Idea

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Do you have the same situation that we have in our home office? Do you have multiple plug ins coming from various tech devices? On and near one desk we have six items that are handy to have but all need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order for them to work. The items include the computer, printer, modem extender, lamp, paper shredder and a Scan Snap which is super handy for quickly scanning multiple documents.
We also have another work table that runs adjacent to the desk and it also holds multiple items that need to be plugged in. This is where you will find the serger, sewing machine, electric pencil sharpener and landline telephone.
All of these plug ins by the desk and the worktable go to two nearby electrical outlets. It was a tangled mess of electrical cords to try and keep clean and organized. It was also confusing not knowing which plug in belonged to which device.

So I came up with a very easy, quick and inexpensive solution that tidied up the mess and clarified the confusion.
I bought two large white plastic locker style bins at the dollar store. I chose these bins because they are easy to keep clean and the plug in can be pulled through the back handle inside the bin.
Then I placed an eight outlet power bar in each bin. It was like it was meant to be because the power bar fit perfectly inside.
All of these plug ins by the desk and the worktable go to two nearby electrical outlets. It was a
Then I made an identifying label for each plug in using a label maker and washi tape. I also made and attached a label to the front of the bin calling it a ‘Plug In Station’.
This is how the plug in station looks tucked in the back corner underneath the worktable. I placed this one up top of two plastic drawers that each hold the plug in and foot pedal for my serger and sewing machine. This created handy storage for these two items when they are not in use.

I am happy with this system because it greatly reduced the visual clutter going on with al of the electrical cords and it makes it a lot easier to dust and wash. All I have to do is lift up the bin and give the floor a quick wipe and put the bin back down.

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  • Beth Beth on Apr 13, 2016
    Would this work with a raffia (or other natural material) basket? Or would that be a fire hazard?

  • SCJ SCJ on Apr 13, 2016
    Your desk area. It looks pretty streamlined. How did you do that? What is holding up the left side? How wide is the table portion and where did you get it?

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  • Marilyn Marilyn on Jun 22, 2018

    I have all these wires in one plug and into 1 floor plug next to my sofa next to an end table. These are very tangled The wires were intended to be hidden under the end table Not enough height space I could only fit a narrow container Any ideas? Plugs are

    Fon 2 reclining sofa seats,2 lamps, 1 heating pad and 1 nook reader

  • DreamingInWisconsin DreamingInWisconsin on Jun 22, 2018

    Can't wait to try this! Thanks for the great idea!