Washboards and Ideas

by Jasmin
I love wash boards! They have so many uses! Usually I just clean them up and send them back out the door but when the odd one comes in that is damaged beyond restorative means, I change it up a little! Here are a few that just so happened to be in that situation. Would LOVE if you uploaded a picture of your own washboard recreations in the comments!
Some doorknobs for feet. I actually started them last year and had no clue what to attach them to, then this little cutie wandered into my possession pretty banged up and needing a few replacement pieces. Now she rest on top of a fab customers and fellow re-finishers entry way piece and looks pretty sharp!
Quite simple! This piece came in to me in about 5 pieces. I added 2 strips of lath to the back to hold it all together properly as there was just no way the sides were going to hold the glass in anymore :( I painted her up to hide all the mismatched pieces of wood, added a little graphic from the Graphics Fairy and voila.
So simple. Curtain rod holders and a spindle, mixed with some paint, wood glue and elbow grease!
Doorknobs for little feet
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