The Knick Knack to Useful Tool Challenge

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I use a lot of pepper and the tins that the pepper comes in I just have a hard time tossing out. Surely even these can escape the great land fill in the sky. Right?
I have collected these for several years and every time I empty a new one I think, surely this one has to go. Nope... just can't do it.
Anything small enough fits. Like the big cat in the little card board box. If it fits it sits. One of the first uses I found for these was for all those gift cards and extra cards that I just did not want in my purse.
These fit perfectly in these metal tins and the tins themselves fit perfectly into my dresser drawer. When I want to hold them together, I use a paper spring clip and fold the metal tabs downward. This would be useful for individual holders for toothbrushes if painted with bathroom colors and names stenciled on the outside.
They can even be put onto metal surfaces with the use of magnets on the back. I haven't bothered to paint them but they would always be an option. These could be used to house cell phone chargers or even the smaller cell phones themselves. Like I said, if it fits it sits.... pencils, pens, artist's paint brushes, receipts, toothbrushes, etc.. The list is endless.

Suggested materials:

  • Free   (pepper tins)
  • Empty pepper tins

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