"Why Not' Miniature Roses and Fairy Gardens?

Downsize Your Garden and Up-size Your Experience according to Fairy Gardening Inc.'s, Jeff Sorenson at The Independent Garden Show in Chicago this past week. Just think! When frigid winter winds start to howl and drive your green thumbs inside, these magical worlds create exciting inside gardening projects for you and your children. Just like a terrarium they are small fascinating worlds that are easy care and don't require special skills.
'Why Not' Mini Roses in Your Fairy Garden
A Fairy Garden is a magical world that you design and a place to express your personality. I am asking the question of my friend and rose grower of Miniature and Minflora roses 'Why Not' add tiny miniature roses?*
Garden Fairies
Start with a plan design, involve everyone in the family and go from there. Have fun!
The Garden with a collection of small plants
There are so many gardens you can choose from for sale or any container that you may already have.
The plants have pebbles added for decor
As in my rose garden this design includes a stone ground cover after the plants are planted.
Glass Pebbles for Decoration
Glass can be beautiful for capturing reflection and light at night. Think about adding a grow light if you will not be able to put your garden in a lit window.
Garden Lawn Furniture for Guests
Your garden design will want to include furnishings.
Collection of Garden Fairies
You can have everyone in the family choose their alter-ego garden fairy. It will be so fun for the children to get involved and learn about gardening as well.
Every garden needs a birdhouse
Add Your Magic Fairy Dust
More items Available
Miniature Lanterns
The Windmill
There's only one thing that can make this Fairy Garden perfect and that is adding Miniature and Miniflora roses and I say 'Why Not'. Let's ask my friend one of the best growers of Miniature and Miniflora roses in the U.S. today,

http://forloveofroses.com/ owner, Richard Anthony, and someone who shows Miniature roses and just won 'Queen of Show' Brenna Bosch what she thinks about adding miniature roses to Fairy Gardens? ;)
'June Laver' tiny miniature rose bud
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  • Scott Harris Scott Harris on Aug 24, 2014
    My niece would love it!

    • @Scott Harris Hi Scott, I think its just got so many facets in ways to engage boys and girls alike. I should have taken pictures of the trolls and scary looking creatures because you know how the boys like to get involved in the project if there's scary looking stuff like dinosaurs and things. I think they are trolls for under the bridges. :) Susan

  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Aug 25, 2014
    This is darling, Susan!

    • @Miriam I I know some rosarians who go to California and tour miniature gardens, and Fairy gardens are all the rage. I see how one could get very into this captivating hobby. In many areas and countries for that matter, space and water are becoming a rare commodity. Gardens like this offer the very creative a way to keep gardening, yet on a very small scale. Its amazing the kinds of gardens that can be created. As space forces cities to grow upward Fairy Gardens can be on every patio. They can fly can't they. ;) Yours Truly, Susan