New Life For Vintage Murray Tee Bird Pedal Car

I had this old Murray Tee Bird pedal car hanging in my building to restore but decided to go another route when i picked up another Murray last weekend.
As you can tell there was not much to break down, just being able to remove what parts were salvageable without damage was a task.
Was not much left prior to break down
Removed the small bolts attaching the rear to the frame and the rest was easily pulled out for later use
Next i went over the pedal car with 2 coats of Semi-Gloss Polyurethane to help preserve it out doors.
After the poly had dried completely
I started to use the young snap dragons but since i will be placing them in the soil i decided to change. Plus they did not seem to fit the car as well and my next choice.
The Violas had the perfect color contrast with the car i will probably get another mound to add with this one to fill the hole. Sorry for the poor looking landscape, new house and first one at that so a lot of work left to come.
Project car to receive the removed parts.
I will start one on the project once i collect more parts.
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