Wooden Tree Cookie Wind Chimes From Nature

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2 Hours

I gathered these tree cookie slices in January from a closed Christmas tree lot figuring I’d use them to make something someday. Today was that day. Follow along as you see what they became.

Tree slice wind chime decoration

Today’s project was inspired by finding a small branch while walking in the park. It reminded me that I had some branches out in my yard drying out for a future project. I got out my circular saw and trimmed down my dried long branches and selected one to use for the top of my wind chimes.

Stash of cut branches

Once I decided which branch I liked, I got my drill and drilled some holes, so I could string my wood slices to the branch.

Drilling holes to hang chimes

After drilling my branch, I began drilling holes in my tree slices to be able to string them together. Each slice, except for the last one on each string, got a top and bottom hole drilled into it

Prepping slices to string

Once all of my wood slices were drilled, I used fishing line to tie a few together to hang from the branch. I used fishing line to thread through the hole I drilled in my branch as well.

Attaching tree cookie slices to each other

I used separate pieces of fishing line to tie into triple knots for each hole. I then attached each string of tree branch slices to the branch.

Added eye hooks to ends of branches

After all of my strings were attached to the branch, I added eye hooks to both sides of my branch and tied a piece of jute rope to the hooks.

From scraps of X Mas Trees

I went from having scraps of Christmas trees to wind chimes in about two hours.

My rustic wind chimes
Suggested materials:
  • Tree cookies   (Arteza)
  • Wooden Branches   (Found it)
  • Jute rope   (Dollar Tree)
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  • Jody Price Jody Price on Jun 13, 2021

    How do they sound? I love wind chimes!

    • Hi Jody. The way I put them together they kind of just blow around and make a subtle, dull sound. I think if I drilled them just in the middle and strung them horizontally instead of vertically, they would be able to hit more often and chime better. The sound is way more subtle then the chimes I’ve made out of hollow bamboo. Hope this helps.

  • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on Jun 13, 2021

    I love the look of it. I went to a very chic museum and there was a huge installation art peice of just stinks and acorns painted in black suspended from the ceiling. It looked amazing. Then I see yours! Your an artist. 😉

    • Awww Anna, you are sweet to say that. I really enjoy coming up with ways to use stuff I find. I’m glad you liked my project and it inspired you to create your own. Thanks for your comment.