Glass and Plastic Jar Solar Lights

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I save most of my jars for storage, etc. But, if a jar is a cute shape or inspires a project, I use them for my solar lights out in my yard. I love solar lights, but, the metal sticks most of them come on aren't very inspiring. Solar lights that are cuter, tend to be pricier. After my daughter's dog accidentally destroyed three solar globes I had, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much again. So, I came up with my alternative, which I have had fun making, and are way cheaper!
All you need is some good glue - I've use E6000 and outdoor Gorilla glue and they both work great. I don't like to use hot glue outside, because it doesn't seem to hold long term. Then some sparkly stones - I like the glass stones from Dollar Tree. You of course need a jar or three to do your project on. I use river rocks from the Dollar Tree to hold them down, so they aren't top heavy with the light.
This plastic jar had detergent pods in it. I pulled off the plastic sleeve label, cut a hole in the lid that would snugly hold my solar light. I just pull the "stick" that holds the solar light in the ground off the light. I don't want water filling the jar, so I try for a nice snug fit.

This is a close up of a glass jar with the glass glued to it. Take your time, rotating the jar as you glue. Let an area dry before moving on to the next. I like to cluster them together. If the solar light doesn't fit snugly in the opening of the glass jar, just cut a plastic lid (like from a cottage cheese container or sour cream container) so that it sits on top of the jar and you'll have a nice fit.
This one had a plastic piece added and I just dressed it up with more glass gems.
I love different shapes for these lights.
This one is sitting in a flower bed and has simple designs.
This one has color blocks on each side.
So I'm looking for more cute containers and plastic lids that are easy to cut for the larger jars. I've also found, since I made these, that I can paint the inside of the jar with a color if I want (I did one for my granddaughter) and have also made one I dressed up as a fairy house for my granddaughter. I'll post that one in the near future - she uses it as a nightlight.
Suggested materials:
  • Empty jars   (free)
  • Glass "gems"   (Dollar Tree)
  • Glue   (had in craft supplies)
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