Mini Solar Light Tower

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A friend gave me a bunch of scrap wood and this is the second solar light tower I made from that pile. It is also the sixth project I made from that pile, I have a few more I will post here on Hometalk soon!
Nice scrap wood! So many ideas!
The first solar light tower is 4 foot tall, this one is only 2 foot tall, that is why I call it a mini. These are my last 4x4's ! I can't believe how fast I went through that wood and how many different things I have made too!
I glued the posts together, tied a rope around the post to hold them together then sanded it down with a palm sander. Next...
The glue might have been enough to hold them but just to make sure it doesn't fall apart in a year or so I also screwed in two wood screws in a caddy corner way on the bottom. I should have drilled two holes first so the screws would sink into the wood easier but I was in a hurry. Not really a big deal just unscrew and rescrew in and they are now sunk into the bottom.
I love these lights! I already used five and only had three left. Perfect because I only have three posts left too! Maggift 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Garden Lights, Automatic Led for Patio, Yard and Garden for $19.99
I really didn't want black so I painted them a metallic silver on the outside and then used some looking glass spray paint on the inside. Not sure if it makes them shine more or not . No need to paint the stakes because I won't be using them or the bottom of the light because you won't be able to see that part. Just the light cover and sensor.
I will need to take the lights apart so they can be painted. I will also need to cover the screen and sides, I don't want to paint those parts or the bulb.
the light sensors dried very quickly!
While I was waiting for the lights to dry, I painted the mini tower white. I was thinking about what to put on the front and really didn't have an idea expect to draw out my initial so I just started to draw. The first drawing I did was a graphic H ... Nope don't like that! I like the "H" part but really didn't like that first drawing. I painted right on over that and tried a new "H".
I came up with this one which I like a lot better! Alright now we are getting somewhere!
Silver, white and blue looks good together so I'll stick with this. Blue is my favorite color! I did the rough drawing with colored pencils. The wood had a lot of indentation and saw marks so painting fine lines would be difficult to achieve on this project. I really don't worry about things like that. To me perfect is what someone thinks is perfect to them! It is perfect for me!
This is a pic of all the paints I used on this project.
All finished!
I love the way these lights shine and cast shadows. I did try to get a picture of the shadows but it just wasn't happening.
This was an easy project to make in one night and only cost me $7.50 for the three solar lights, everything else I already had. If someone wants to make something like this you can get 4x4's at the local home improvement store and they might even cut it for you for free. I choose this style of light because I thought it would look better with the posts instead of the rounder styles. Now I have three solar lights outside and I love them all!  Thanks for looking at my Mini Solar Light Tower! Any questions or comments are always welcomed!

Suggested materials:

  • Maggift 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Garden Lights for $19.99   (Amazon)
  • 3 - 4x4 posts   (a friend)
  • Paints   (on hand)
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  • Charles Hess Charles Hess on Oct 21, 2017
    iwhere did you get the lights with the screens. That you painted?

  • Wendy Elias Wendy Elias on Oct 29, 2017
    How are the beautiful posts standing up? They don't tip over? I LOVE this idea and really want to try it! However, I live in Central Washington with snow, rain, and 100-degree days.


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